MugTrees by Padilla

Rodolfo Padilla designs unique Mugs, Mug Trees and accessories which are available in a wide variety of original glazes and styles.  Each high temperature fired stoneware piece is hand-glazed and finished and therefore unique. Microwave/Dishwasher Safe.
Rodolfo grew up living his art at his father’s ceramic studio. In 1981 he won a scholarship to study ceramic design and materials in Japan and then went on to continue his studies in Argentina and Italy. Rodo Padilla has presented his work at a number of expositions in Japan, Europe, South America, Mexico and the United States. He is an accomplished ceramicist and sculptor.

Currently Padilla divides his daily work time to several studios where he sculpts, creates new designs and oversees the production of the unique tableware pieces seen at this site.

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